USA Motorhome Export Shipping

While doing USA motorhome export shipping one must be aware of technical details of motorhomes.

Technical Details of Motor homes

Motor homes come in three classes – Class A, B and Class C. Class A Motor homes are largest and most comfortable. As such they are the most expensive vehicles to buy and service. The living area is constructed totally on a bare chassis. Type A motor homes have plenty of storage for full time living and long trips. Motor homes have slide-outs that expand the living space. Living facilities include electricity, air conditioning, water, heating, and a range of appliances – which means the comforts of your home. Class A motor home can sleep 2 to 6 people and the price ranges from $90,000 to $400,000.One of the costly features is the engine. The engine compartment is at the rear of the motor home: A diesel pusher is more dependable and reliable than a gas engine. These details are important for USA motorhome export shipping.

The Class C has a truck chassis with a recreational Vehicle unit built on it. The sleeping area is above the passenger or driver unit. The vehicle carries all amenities but on a limited scale compared to Class A. The length of the Class C ranges from 22’ to 38’ and sleeps up to 8. Cost of class C ranges from $50,000 up to $160,000.

Preparing for USA motorhome export shipping

To prepare for the USA Motor home export shipping, certain details need to be taken care of. All windows and doors like cabinet doors should be tied closed or taped. Propane glass bottles and antennas should be taken away and kept off from the vehicle. Remove all pictures including all breakable and loose items. Hazardous materials should not be left in the motorhome while shipping including ammunition, oil or gas tanks of any type or any other materials which may be regarded as hazardous. Consult your transporter if you aren’t sure regarding USA motor home export shipping.

USA Motor home export shipping can be done effortlessly by professionals. They will provide you the best advice to prepare your motorhome for shipping and export it dexterously.

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