Motorhome Shipping to Europe

Motorhome Shipping to Europe can be Hassle-Free by Following Critical Steps

While planning to transport your motorhome to Europe, it is crucial to know important rules and regulations about motorhome shipping to Europe. Motorhomes are large motorised vehicles and therefore while transporting them internationally requires careful selection of the right shipping company and care about the procedures involved in moving a motorhome to a different country.

While considering motorhome shipping to Europe, the owner should be aware of some critical details of the vehicle. As these are huge vehicles their weight and size decides the total shipping cost. Usually, motorhomes are classified into A, B and C class and vary from 16 feet to 40 feet size wise. Its weight ranges anywhere between 6804kgs to 13608 kgs.

Other than weight and size, motorhome shipping to Europe requires several documents for clearance of the vehicle in the departure and destination country. Important papers like Power of Attorney, Bill of Sale, Title of Ownership, vehicle registration and tax forms should be ready to be produced on demand. Depending on whether you are moving your motorhome to destination city permanently or on temporary basis, additional documents which depict your current financial status may be required.

Permanent and temporary imports incur different import duty charges. If your vehicle is brand new, you would have to pay a fee whereas vehicles that are a year old do not incur any import duties on them. However, every country has regional rules for import permit, registration and fees therefore it is best to ask these details from the shipping company that you hire.

Opting for marine insurance is vital for contingency planning. For better safety of the motorhome, you should choose roll on-roll off, flat rack or container services as an alternative to towing of your vehicle.

A proper research and planning before motorhome shipping to Europe could help you get the motorhome delivered economically and efficiently to Europe.

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